Linda O'neal, BSN, RN, CEN

Broomfield, CO

February 2018

I originally joined the ENA as I was getting my CEN and heard about the annual conference for the first time and wanted to attend. I did not know about being a delegate, my local group/chapter or all of the education, magazine & education and scholarships offered. Still learning about the ENA and the things they offer but am excited to be a part of this group.
I have been a nurse 10 years, almost all ER.  I just love ER nursing and don't want to do anything else. I have my BSN and CEN and plan to get my TCRN this year.
 There are so many challenges in Nursing
. For me it is that free-standing are all over and there is confusion of ER VS urgent care, Behavioral health is an ongoing broken system and retention and burn out as ER gets increasing in acuity, decreased staff and pay, and leads to burn out.
I love Colorado and tend to do a lot of what it offers: skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, 5k's, paddle boarding, and overall traveling to parts I haven't been. I love traveling and recently went to Mexico and San Francisco. I will go back to 
Nicaragua for a mission this year as well.