A BIG thank you to our 2016 President, Shawn Ullrich, 2017 President Sharon Schultz, and 2018 President Jeane Shupe for all of your hard work writing and presenting this resolution!!

Colorado's 2016 Resolution Requesting Research on the Impact of Marijuana Legalization on Emergency Departments, Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults was PASSED by the ENA General Assembly!!!

May 11, 2016

Colorado ENA sent two of our members, Sharon Schultz and Debra Steveson, to participate in ENA's Day on the Hill.  More than 120 nurses met congressional leaders to discuss mental health reform and supporting EMS's continued administration of life-saving medications including controlled substances.

ENA research shows that the average mental health patient stays in the ED for 18 hours compared to 4 hours for all other types of patients.  Our nurses urged representatives to support comprehensive mental health reform legislation.  Bills have been introduced to the Senate (S. 2680) and the House (H.R. 2646).  These bills will improve our mental health system by focusing programs and resources psychiatric care for patients and their families.  

The ENA also asked our representatives to support house legislation (H.R. 4365) that would update the Controlled Substance Act thereby clarifying that EMS personnel my administer controlled substances using standing orders.  At this time, the Drug Enforcement Agency is threatening to end this practice.    

If these issues are important to you, please write to our Colorado Representatives.  If you have any questions, please email our Government Affairs Committee at: Government@Coloradoena.org


Colorado's 2017 Resolution Requesting a National Standard for Child Passenger Restraint was PASSED by the ENA General Assembly!!!

Colorado Emergency Nurses Association Visits Capitol Hill

Here our delegates Sharon Schultz and Debra Steveson are seen with Senator Cory Gardiner (R) Colorado.

CO ENA along with the Colorado Chapter of American College of Surgeons, the Colorado Committee on Trauma, the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety and KidsAndCars.org have contacted our Senators to advocate for two proposed bills (click each Bill to read our letter):

Senate Bill 49 which will discourage distracted driving
Senate Bill 53 which will require all drivers in Colorado to buckle up