Alan Favier, RN, EMT

Ft. Collins, CO

I joined ENA to be more connected with colleagues and peers that are involved in Emergency nursing. I wanted to gain information and insight into best practices as well as be proactive in addressing issues that were trending. The ENA provided helpful resources when I was preparing to take my CEN. 

ENA allows me to virtually network with other leaders and nurses that are experiencing the same issues or have similar questions. It is a great resource in that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel if someone has already developed a process that is working which you can implement in your hospital.

I have been a nurse for 8 years which have all been in the ER setting. I have had the privilege of being the RN Senior Manager for the Emergency and Trauma Service Line for the past five years. 

I think the biggest challenge for ED nursing today is meeting every patient’s expectation while practicing safe and effective medicine. In a world where technology has made results instantaneous, it is difficult for our patients to understand that it still takes several hours for complete and thorough work-ups to occur. Having to wait in the emergency setting is actually a good thing, it means you are not dying!

I love to snow ski and water ski. I also enjoy taking pictures of my children.

My advice to a new ED nurse would be to put 110% into each shift. The Emergency Department is a very difficult and taxing service line. You will learn something new every day and deal with patients that challenge you.  This is the fascinating part of the ED, no two days are the same. Be teachable, humble, and compassionate. Always take feedback and implement recommendations into your practice. Don’t rely on others to make you successful, knowledgeable and confident. You are responsible for your own professional development and growth.  Do not put in the minimum work and expect the 
maximum reward.

My favorite past job was waiting tables. I loved getting to interact with people and provide recommendations on what they should order. This job helped me develop many skills (customer service, proactive, moving with a purpose) that are all essential for nursing. 

I live in Sterling which is a small, rural community. I am married and a mom to three kids, Berkley (7), Jaxon (4) and Connor (2.5) which keep me very busy! I love reading a good book when I have some downtime.


Having been in emergency services in one form or another since high school, I jumped straight into emergency nursing after I graduated nursing school last May. As a newly minted nurse, I joined the ENA to gain a greater understanding of the dynamics at play in emergency nursing and so I could be a part of the direction emergency nursing is developing. As the American medical system is going through substantial changes, I hope in volunteering with the ENA’s government affairs that I can assist in making sure the wellbeing of emergency nurses and our patients is represented.
Outside nursing, I enjoy hiking, and in a world where people were never sick or injured, I would probably have pursued being a fantasy-fiction writer. When I finish my BSN later this year, I’m excited to continue school, and hope to eventually become certified to teach TNCC and ENPC.

Liz gardiner, BSN, RN, CEN

Sterling, CO

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